Holy Cross College 

What we did

While employed at EIW Architects Peter was the design team leader for Stages 3-5 for Holy Cross College.

As an Educational specialist and designer for Stages 3-5, Peter was given the task of crafting new alternative learning environments for an Early Learning Center, a grade 2-5 building, a grade 8 & 9 building, a high school building, an arts facility and a multipurpose / change room facility.   The intention was to create buildings that afford and embrace 21st Century Learning Ideals.


Grounded in an evidence based design approach, each of building is unique; for each was designed to support the different developmental needs of the learners. The building may be described as activity based learning environments where classrooms were crafted with activity settings and attached to each classroom are breakout spaces.  These designs not only embrace 21st Century Learning ideals, but most importantly, are places where learners continue to grow.


Ellenbrook, Perth, Western Australia


Construction value A$11 million


Commenced 2011, completed 2016. Stage 5 is scheduled to be completed in 2017.

“Holy Cross was very lucky to have had Peter design so many of our school buildings.”
Harry Muller Science Teacher, Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook, Western Australia

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